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One other use of this concealer stick, as I sometimes do, is to use it as a stick foundation.Since it is highly pigmented I only need a few swipe of it on my face and the smooth creamy texture just melts into my skin.The John Belushi character from Animal House comes to mind. You blame him for your defeats and give him no credit for your victories.You don’t fuck with this guy because he’s inherently tough and is his own man to the point that his size alone is intimidating. He gets whomped on the head a lot, ala Gilligan, and typically is found in crucial moments feeding his fat face when he’s supposed to be doing something important.I also like to use this concealer as a blemish cover up.

If you’ve never seen Animal House, you’re either 13- years old or a complete douche bag. Here’s how the Fat Guy Effect operates in movies and TV when race is involved: fat, white guys are not usually paired up with black people.

The only downside - it comes in only three shades: Ivory, Ocher, and Beige.

I highly recommend all of you ladies to run out, and get yours today since this concealer is regularly sold out.

The concealer comes in a slick navy/gold packaging and unlike most concealers, the case feels solid to the touch and is in every sense a pure luxury. Although many might squirm at the initial thought of spending so much money on a concealer, this gold encased stick is highly pigmented and does a flawless job of concealing undereyes circle.

One small dot of this is enough to banish those evidence of all night partying to the abyss.

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