Youtube not updating 21st june

So, to fix the green screen error on You Tube, you need to do two things. Toggle off the button that says, “Use hardware acceleration when available.” Then click on Relaunch. There are times when You Tube just fails to impress us by showing below average video quality.

The second thing is you need to fix issues with the GPU on your device. You might have seen some video playing in 720p when it was uploaded in 4K.

For example, China is probably the biggest example of such developments.To check for a possible You Tube outage, you can visit different websites including Down Detector and Down For Everyone Or Just Me.Chances are very high that in such cases, news about the outage would start popping everywhere.Just recently, Google’s cloud service went down for approximately 4 hours in some parts of the US affecting different services, including You Tube.So, before blaming your innocent machine or ISP, you should check whether You Tube isn’t working just for you or everyone else.

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