Wsus not updating itself

But because we don’t have any clients that are currently talking to the server, none of the unapproved updates are actually classified as those that are needed by any of the clients. So the way in which we can see them all is to actually change the status from failed or needed to any.

To give us a look at the entire, in this case 275 available updates that exist.

If the update is not applicable, as you can imagine, you kinda wanna ignore that update and as we start attaching clients here into our WSUS interface, you’ll see this list of installed or not applicable increased from 0% for various patches, to some other number.

Now, one of the other kind of quirky ways that WSUS behaves that takes a little getting used to, is that WSUS is not really intended as a solution to have you direct updates to install at a specific time on specific machines.When you approve that update, you’re gonna approve it for one or more different computer groups.You can see here out of the box we have the all computers, and the unassigned computers groups here and then once those computers, at the client side, once they reach the next interval for checking in with WSUS, downloading and installing any updates, it’s then and only then that they’ll actually complete this process and get the updates downloaded and installed.As I said before there are 2 different ways in which machines can get assigned into the groups that you create.To choose which one we want to use we need to click on the options and then click on Computers It is here where we determine which of those two options we’re gonna choose.

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