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I have a textbox that requires custom validation, in fact Reg Ex would do partly as well but Custom would fit better. Maes/Material Skin I need to extend validation i try to use this solution, works on the fly with no material form, but not attached to material control, how can i add this functionality to inputs control validation Hello I have many forms, with insert querys to a mysql database.

Select control you want to assign validation to and change its Validator1 property to choose desired validation type.

In previous example you’ve seen required field validator.

However, control never enters the "if" block in the below use case: 1. (which means error Provider1 will have "Password invalid! How can I achieve this, as per the documentation it works only while closing the form(Submit).

how can i trigger this without closing the form apart from control focus changehi Jim Cai, Hopefully you are celebrating good health. Kindly, tell me what method is there to hide all blinking error icons. On resetting all fields, blinking error signs must disappear.

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