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The original lyric was about a husband and wife, bad marriage ‘We get up in the morning and, as usual, I look at your armpit’. “But I heard it another way in my head and it kept gnawing away at me.

“Then, in 1968, I’m performing in Florida, Frank’s filming a movie and we have dinner. He always teased me about writing for him but he hated pop music, hated Presley, hated rock.

Put it this way, singer and songwriter Paul Anka took a little-known and somewhat-uninspiring French ditty and turned it into possibly the best-known song in the world with a little help from the man simply known as “The Voice”.

Anka recalls: “I lived in France and heard this song on the radio called Comme D’Habitude.

It was recorded in 1940 by Tommy Dorsey and His Orchestra, with vocals provided by Frank Sinatra and The Pied Pipers.

It stayed at No 1 for 12 weeks and ensured the club singer from Hoboken, New Jersey, would become the bobbysoxers’ favourite.

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She also continued to see Sinatra throughout her 13-year relationship with Woody Allen, which suffered a jolt when she found lurid photographs taken by Allen of Soon-Yi Previn, one of her adopted daughters, then a sophomore in college, on the mantel in Allen’s Manhattan apartment.She lost her virginity to Frank Sinatra and married him when she was 21 and he was 50.Two years later he served her divorce papers on the set of the Roman Polanski film for which she earned a Golden Globe nomination in 1968.Ervin Drake wrote the story of a man’s life told in wine terms, and says: “I had no idea he’d recorded it at the time but years later, I got to know Frank really well.“One night, we’re sat together in Vegas at the Sands and I asked him why he never sang the middle part I’d written. ’ “I said: ‘The Elizabethan nonsense syllables that went ‘Hi-lura-lie hi-lura-lura-lie’m and he said: ‘Buddy, you’re so lucky I didn’t see them ’cause with me it would have come out ‘Hi-shooby-do, hi-shooby-scooby do! I Get A Kick Outta You (1953) The record that kicked off one of the greatest showbiz careers the world will ever see.

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