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It was started in her garage, Gore says, a certain wonder in his voice. I do probably a thousand people at each training, teaching them to give the slideshow, the one on climate change that he’s been delivering in some form since 1989.Keadle and Gore are intellectual companions, and she is as overscheduled as he is. I’ve got slideshows in practically every language, he says.Al Gore, the unofficial Moses of this march, is dressed in black jeans, black boots, a black polo-style shirt.

She and her ex-husband founded Invitrogen, which became Life Technologies, a public company. Sometimes people say, Oh, you’ve been able to do more since you left politics,’ he tells me. I’m under no illusion that there is any position with anywhere near as much potential for shaping the future in a positive way than as president of the United States. There is a sense of joy in having work that is worthy of everything you can possibly pour into it, Gore says. I’ve got a three-day training in Istanbul, and a three-day training in Chicago.

Tipper lived a life for a long time that I don’t think she would’ve chosen but for Al, says a friend. I don’t think they were compatible anymore, says the friend.

She saw his new wealth and new status as a Nobel laureate and thought, We’ve finally moved on to the next part of life. So he and Tipper began to live separate livesshowing up to social events alone.

He’d stocked the cruise with more than a dozen of the world’s top climate scientiststhey came for free.

The rest of the manifest was a sampling of Hollywood, do-gooders, business leaders, political loyalists, and, he hoped, future fundersthe net worth of the passenger list easily was upwards of billion.

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