Who is mike holmes dating

Let's see through to get acquainted with the matter!

It has almost been five months of an engaged relationship, but Sherry and Blake seem that they have not made up for the nuptials.

Although they have not yet married, they seem to be going strong with their wedding preparations.

I would also like to thank my Make It Right crew, past & present, for working tirelessly along side me for all of those years, always giving 110%.Well, all of her fans are surely waiting for the couple's big day.This 30-year-aged beautiful blonde, Sherry Holmes was born to producer and actor Mike Holmes and his then sweetheart Alexandra Lorex, while her grandparents are Jim and Shirley Holmes.However, when she found herself at loose ends in 2008, she decided to join the family business and began working on a project with actor Brad Pitt's 'Make It Right' Foundation to build a home in New Orleans' Lower Ninth Ward.Breaking news from the Holmes Group posted on Mike Holmes' and Damon Bennett's Facebook pages...

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