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"I look at myself and my friends and I realize just how far we’ve come."But Bosworth is "eternally grateful" for the experience, saying the words with a warm and knowing giggle coming in crystal clear from thousands of miles away.

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The allure of the original —a TV show that birthed reality TV as we know it, and convinced us of the notion that watching a highly-edited version of someone’s “real” life means that we actually know them.

Of course, in 2019 most of us know that personas and persons are two different things. Revolving around a cast of wealthy high school kids from Orange County, it followed a young Lauren Conrad and her friends/enemies over the course of her senior year. After all, former MTV juggernaut existed solely to expose viewers to day-to-day life in, as the title indicated, “The Real Orange County.” The cast lived in a town-sized fish bowl that was conducive to run-ins and confrontations, perfect for driving the producer-puppeteer plots.

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girl they wanted to be most was neither of the leads. Throughout that first season, Bosworth acted as a mixture of sounding board for Conrad and an audience surrogate.

Her commentary was always sharp, and she was never afraid to share her thoughts.

"I suppose it gave me an early taste of what was to come out of the editing room, and how easily storylines and plots could be spun up out of thin air," Bosworth says now.(and all of its subsidiaries) can deliver near-flawless programming for nearly a decade, a rebooted series about the L. antics of Whitney Port, Adriana Patridge, Stephanie Pratt and Heidi Montag—plus the eyebrow-raising addition of Mischa Barton—will surely offer plenty of drama for us to live vicariously through.And hopefully the answers to all the questions we have now, like, does Justin Bobby still wear combat boots to the beach?She was so beloved that she could make a mock pronunciation of Stephen's name quotable.For Bosworth, whose MTV career included five seasons of has become far more than that.

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