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It's really more big picture here that Common gets at with how negatively Black Women are viewed.He wants Black men to help lift them up, but he should want all men to help lift them up.i see the points he's trying to make, especially with the whole black woman being "shit on" through history, as well as in contemporary society, but a lot of what he says almost comes off as bigoted and "high horse"-like. I'm torn, because while I want to hate on the guy for it, he obviously is aware of the complications in his position and seems to be willing to try and work through it.

Cole only "rocks with sistas" so yall can count his ass out too. COMMON: Ah man, if you’ve got one black parent and one white parent, then the majority of the time you considered black. His whole shtick bothers me because along with Mos Def and Kweli, those dudes are like the forefathers of conscious rap and here we have a guy spouting these miscegenist (look it up) views.

More importantly I think what Common is getting at more is that he hates how Black Women as viewed as less than white women.

As such he holds black men that exclusively date white women responsible for part of the problem.

Which, at the very least, is more than some people with similar views would be willing to admit.

Even if I disagree completely and vehemently with everything he said, haha.

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