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But unless stats have changed dramatically (and I read this a decade ago so it’s quite possible it’s changed), I’ve also read the Korean govt’s data indicating that a whopping 90% end in divorce, though the vast majority of Korean-foreigner marriages are not to Westerners, but other Asians. She was a 21-year-old Korean university student, and he was an English teacher from Canada, and they were ''just friends'' who sometimes had a meal together. While that may have been a bit extreme, the reaction underscores the profound anxieties here about romances between Korean women and foreign men.Westerners tend to marry for ‘love,’ or romantic and personal bonds that include shared values and interests.

This is normal in their marriage/relationship culture, but definitely a problem in ours.Western men are not prepared for this, so in the early stages of the marriage, in the interest of promoting their marital ‘partnership,’ they unwittingly relinquish a lot of ‘control’ to the woman, only to discover that it’s gone forever, as far as she’s concerned!Having said this, I should note that I’ve seen some happy marriages between Westerners and Koreans.Just a few years ago, an American soldier who touched the behind of a Korean woman -- his wife -- set off a brawl that led to his arrest and to denunciations in the press about the American military threat to Korean women.A few years before that, an American sergeant-major was beaten to death by a Korean man who objected to the American escorting a Korean girlfriend.

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