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Operating-system dependent management typically doesn't allow accessing BIOS settings or changing boot settings, cold reboots or similar actions.If the operating system is down for any reason (think of a virus attack or a serious program error), many systems cannot be remotely accessed any more, and an administrator's onsite presence is required.

You might be familiar with some of the wake features, which enable computers to wake-on-LAN, wake-on-modem or wake-on-RTC.The important thing here is to have a processor that supports VT, Intel's Virtualization Technology, so you can run a maintenance operating system partition.Intel's description of v Pro is centered on manageability and security.- 4th Generation Intel i5-4300U Haswell ULT So C Processor 15W - Embedded Long-life Series, Planned Lifecycle Through Q2’2020 - 2 * HDMI 1.4 ports (4K @ 24Hz) - Intel LAN, USB 3.0, Serial Port - 9V~24V DC Wide Voltage Input - ECO-design for Eu P/Er P 1. · Please be aware that by flashing this BIOS you agree that in the event of a BIOS flash failure, you must contact your dealer for a BIOS replacement. Jetway does not have a policy of replacing BIOS chips directly with end users.

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