Vietnam sex dating

Meaning they are actively trying to hook up with foreign men.

They tend to use online dating sites such as Vietnam Cupid or use Facebook if they have foreign friends in their social circle.

Yes, these places are expensive starting with a basic service with HJ for 400K Dong and the poor quality massage for 500k Dong.

However, you can choose so many extra services, just ask for a menu like this…

You can ask for the menu and pick the service you need.

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When they give you their price, offer half of that amount and start bargaining from there.If you would like to have sex with the girls, the rates range from 500k for a short time to 1 million for all night.When visiting a business that sells sex, the prices are fixed and can’t be negotiated.You can find someone who would show you around the city, have dinners with you, share your bed and generally enjoy each other’s company.Having a temporary girlfriend planning all sorts of nice things for your visit, acting like a lover and friend is the best way to learn about Vietnamese culture and enjoy the country.

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