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David Firth is an English animator, video artist, amateur filmmaker, and musician.As a cartoonist Firth's work is largely distributed via the Internet (most notably the popular Adobe Flash animation website Newgrounds, as well as his own personal sites), and he is often regarded as the most popular and preeminent Internet animators.I make music as Locust Toybox, I'm The Manager and with the Grape Diggers ( others) rth Yeah, it obviously was a stupid April Fools' Day prank.A number of Firth's works have been featured by the BBC in the UK, and the BBC has hired Firth on several occasions.He also created a Flash animation series called Jerry Jackson in which a cartoon character claims to be a professional animator, even though the animation is intentionally poorly crafted.Several of his works in Flash animation, along with multiple music videos and works of video art, have garnered large followings.Notable animation sequences from Firth include Salad Fingers, as well as the comedic Burnt Face Man series.

With a wealth of unseen material as well as familiar classics and remastered, rejigged, reanimated nuggets. Bellifer a scientific genius, who after years of smashing particles together, reveals his revolutionary new product: a cream with the power to fix all of the world's problems. Over the past week or so, I've been making my way through the films of popular internet-based animator David Firth, a man whose genius is left unfortunately unrecognized in the mainstream as he probably deserves.Christian Webb, who provides many of the voices in Firth's cartoons and co-writes the Salad Fingers series, plays the role of Devvo.Firth instead features as the cameraman and occasionally appears alongside Webb as DJ Shady Piez.Funny thing is that a lot of you guys actually thought I was the real David Firth. The real David Firth is actually working on a real Salad Fingers Episode 9.

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