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fans everywhere the last installment of the franchise hit theaters in 2008.It was the end of an era and many feared that it would also be the end of Zanessa.Having an i Phone helped, but it just wasn't the same." Efron's first big gig following the end of .So while Hudgens was shooting her film down in Texas, her beau was back in California.

"For all of the partner things, me and Vanessa always got paired up," he said at a Disney Channel event in 2007.

That was a lesson that Hudgens found out the hard way.

In March 2015, she opened up to about what it was like to date the former teen heartthrob and share a bit of insight as to why they split.

While it's not impossible for couples who meet on set to stay together, it's also not the super popular thing to do.

Between the tabloids constant claims that the two were headed for Splitsville to no longer being on the set that brought them together, it seems like Efron and Hudgens' fate was sealed the second the credits stared rolling on the final movie.

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