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I have a List Box bound to an Observable Collection of type T - each List Box Item is a checkbox with Is Checked bound to a bool property in T. I want to validate the checked items in the List Box so that at least one checkbox must be ticked - if none of the check boxes are ticked I want to show a red border (standard validation notification) around the List Box. The Begin Update and End Update methods enable you to add a large number of items to the List Box without the control being repainted each time an item is added to the list. Set Selected(5, True) ' Display the second selected item in the List Box to the console. In addition to display and selection functionality, the List Box also provides features that enable you to efficiently add items to the List Box and to find text within the items of the list.Add a check mark to one or more of the items, then click OK.

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Gets a value indicating whether the caller must call an invoke method when making method calls to the control because the caller is on a different thread than the one the control was created on. The code for the example adds 50 items to the List Box using the Add method of the List Box. Object Collection stores the items of the List Box as well as their selection state within an example List Box. Object Collection class enables you to add items to the List Box. List Control The following code example demonstrates how to create a List Box control that displays multiple items in columns and can have more than one item selected in the control's list. The following table shows an example of how the List Box. Dim list Box1 As New List Box() ' Set the size and location of the List Box. If the string collections are not empty, they become read-only when you derive another Windows form. Event Args) ' Create an instance of the List Box. Note If you have a List Box, Combo Box, or Checked List Box on a base Windows form and want to modify the string collections of those controls in a derived Windows form, the string collections of those controls in the base Windows form must be empty.

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