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Normal email clients like Microsoft Outlook will not be able to connect to it on their own.

However, you can download a helper application called Yahoo IMAP Connector, which will make the necessary translations between your email client (e.g.

Previously the policy was that passwords only had to be a minimum of 6 characters.

These new password requirements will help to ensure that email user accounts are not compromised, particularly when an account is being set-up by a carrier representative that may use very basic passwords when setting up a users account that, for obvious reasons, may be accidentally duplicated (i.e. Automatic Login Improvements As part of BIS 3.2, the existing Automatic Login functionality will be updated for an improved experience for users who have a username and password.

Synchronization with Google Calendar is done wirelessly over the air, meaning users will not have to physically connect their devices to their computers.

If the Black Berry smartphone is also associated with an email account that uses a Black Berry Enterprise Server, the Calendar application on the device will contain entries from both the Google Calendar account and Calendar entries from the email account that uses the Black Berry Enterprise Server.

*At this time, users who have a username and password and access their BIS account from their Black Berry using the email setup application will not be affected.

The email setup application allows a BIS user to remember their credentials, which also helps eliminate the need for users to remember their credentials User Interface Changes Previously, WAP users were not able to view the password for their integrated accounts when switching to a new Black Berry handheld.

1) After insert the SIM card into the new device and selecting Email Settings, the user is prompted to move their email accounts over to their new device: 2) Selecting Show Password will display the password for all the accounts to be validated.

The user will be able to retrieve the new password by logging in to Black Berry Protect website.

* Back Up Device o Initiates a backup of all supported Black Berry Protect data Requirements: * The end user must already have Black Berry Protect installed and be logged in on their device for these features to be available in the Black Berry Email Administration console. However the BES/Google has 2 way sync of all PIM's (Memo's and Tasks where BIS does not.) Plus you would still lack all the security features provided by BES.

provide a standard way to access your email using the IMAP protocol.

While they have a publicly available IMAP server at, it uses a non-standard version of the IMAP protocol.

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