Validating copyrighted instruments

When it is necessary to detect extremely small absorption peaks, it may not be possible to detect the peaks correctly if the noise level is so high that they become buried in the noise.The optical system of a spectrophotometer contains various mirrors for focusing and forming a spectrum.

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At sites where products are developed and manufactured, a variety of equipment is used to create products through a complex series of work processes.

So, what sort of performance does a spectrophotometer offer?

JIS K0115 "General rules for molecular absorptiometric analysis" prescribes the performance items that should be displayed by the instrument, as shown in Table 1.

The emission lines of a deuterium or low-pressure mercury lamp or the absorption peaks of an optical filter for wavelength calibration are generally used to verify the wavelength accuracy. Consequently, the instrument’s wavelength accuracy can be verified by measuring the energy spectrum of a deuterium lamp, investigating the wavelength of the peak near 656.1 nm, and then comparing its wavelength value to 656.1 nm.

For example, if the detected peak wavelength is 656.2 nm, the error from the true 656.1 nm value is 0.1 nm, and this becomes the wavelength accuracy of the instrument.

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