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Select “Upgrade this PC now” to begin the upgrade process, and click the “Next” button.The tool begins downloading the Windows 10 installation files.RELATED: Likewise, the update tool will figure out the appropriate edition of Windows, as well.

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Just because it’s a pretty simple process (or should be if everything goes smoothly), doesn’t mean there aren’t things you need to do before you upgrade and important choices to make during the upgrade process.While a lot of sites point people at the installer and tell them to just download it and run it, we’re taking the time to give you some pregame tips and walk you through the process.RELATED: : if you want to do a totally clean installation and not an upgrade, please see our article How to Clean Install Windows 10.RELATED: Some third party antivirus tools have been known to interfere with the Windows update process.It’s better to turn them off or uninstall them before performing your update.

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