Updating the nrc s

The controversy has thickened while the final date of its publication is nearing fast. A large section of people will heave a sigh of relief as nobody in future will be able to question their citizenship and harass them as foreigners.Again, the section of people who will be left out of the updated NRC will look at it differently.Again, another section from within and outside the state, more from outside created a ruckus in the national and international media saying that by one single stroke such a huge number of people were made homeless citizens by the NRC authorities in Assam.But both the sections missed the point that that was only the first draft of the NRC with obvious loopholes.

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Then, came the calculated motive of the state and the central government to stall the NRC process saying that there were many mistakes in it.

Till this issue is resolved it will continue to haunt us socially and divisive forces will take advantage of it.

It is sad and unfortunate, but true that some political parties want the statuesque to continue so that they can play politics around it.

Then there is another section of people who will be unhappy because no longer they will be able to use the foreign national issue for political motivation.

People who wanted a permanent solution to the foreign national issue welcomed the updating of the NRC because this issue has been creating tension in the Assamese society for decades.

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