Updating spamassassin

The spam score can then be used by the program handling your emails, usually the MTA (Message Transfer Agent), to decide how to proceed with the email.

To obtain a complete anti-spam solution, you will have to connect Spam Assassin in a Box to your MTA. Then try the Exchange Server Toolbox or Smart POP2Exchange.

In addition to the famous email filter 'Spam Assassin', Spam Assassin in a Box also contains a Windows system service, making Spam Assassin controllable via the Windows Service Control Manager.

Several enhancements (regarding, among others, stability, memory usage, signal handling) for running the spam filter on a Windows system are included.

Thus, it will not work with web-based email (such as Hotmail), IMAP, Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, etc.

Note that as long as this project is alive, new file releases should be posted once every few months as well. $sa_tag_level_deflt is the level at which Amavisd-new will write spam info headers such as X-Spam-Flag, X-Spam-Score and X-Spam-Status.If you would always like header info to be written to all messages, set this value to -999.Spam Assassin is part of the Cent OS base repository, but RPMForge carries a more current version of it.You should consider using the version from RPMForge.

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