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While still in design view, click Publish in the Form group and choose Publish Form.(The Publish Form and Publish Form As options work similarly to the Save and Save As commands.) In the resulting dialog, choose Outlook Folders from the drop-down, click Browse, and select Contacts.Then, drag and drop a control to the form and update the label text, if necessary.If you plan to use VBScript to program the field, click the Display tab and give the control a meaningful name you can refer to easily later. It's likely that you'll want to enhance the new form by using VBScript.For instance, to populate the combo box with a list of departments, click View Code in the Form group to launch the Script Editor.Then, in the Script Editor window, insert the following lines: Before anyone can use the custom form, you must publish it to a library or a folder.

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Now, you're ready to open that form in design view.

Spend a little time familiarizing yourself with the available fields.

Many predefined fields are available, but you can create a custom field when necessary.

To add a field, choose the appropriate category from the Field Chooser drop-down and then drag a field to the form.

Figure C shows two new name fields: Assistant's Name and Manager's Name.

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