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Harmony Ultimate Home also contains home automation controls, unlike the Ultimate One.The remote can't be purchased separately for Home Hub owners, unlike most of the other remotes that include it. The current top of the range Harmony available via retail.The Harmony 950 is a redesigned version of the Harmony Ultimate One with the addition of dedicated physical buttons for home automation control.Other changes include the media transport control buttons being relocated to a more ergonomic location, and the addition of user accessible battery compartment.

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For example, a home theater setup might include a TV, a digital set top box and a home theater sound system.The software requires constant Internet connectivity while programming the remote, as remote control codes are downloaded from Logitech.This method allows updates to the product database, remote codes, and macro sequences to be easily distributed.Pressing the 'Watch TV' activity button on the remote will turn on the TV, turn on digital set top box, turn on the sound system, switch the input of TV to the digital set top box and switch the input of the sound system to the set top box.In addition, the volume buttons would be mapped to the sound system, the channel buttons would be mapped to the digital set to box, and other controls to the most appropriate system component for the activity.

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