Updating access database using datatable

Unfortunately I cannot change the name of the column. row [ attribute ] = field; // Do this for all attributes/fields.

That is beyond my control, so I have to work with what is given me. Fill( data Set, table); Data Table data Table = data Set.

Ole Db Data Adapter(s SQL, conn) Dim ds As New Data Set da. Ole Db Command Builder(da) 'loop read a line of text and parse it out. Item("Car Num") = car ID 'about 15 more fields 'add the filled row to the Data Set table ds. Update(ds, "Car Data") Questions: In constructing my table i use "SELECT * FROM tbl Cars" but what if that table has millions of records already. Should i be trying something different if i want to update with new records?

My approach would be to first load all of the data from the files into a Data Table. From here it’s a simple case of doing a “Not Exists” query in your SP on tbl Cars with the data you’ve passed in, and inserting were applicable. Close() End Sub Private Sub cmd Update_Click(sender As Object, e As Event Args) Handles cmd Update. Update(dt) End Sub This class is required because, by itself the Ole Db Data Adapter cannot create the commands for DELETE/UPDATE/INSERT required to update new/deleted or changed row in your grid.I've been perusing some hep forums and some help books but cant seem to get my head wrapped around this. It populates the Data Grid View as it is intended to so that part of the program works. Ole Db Public Class frm Database Dim con As New Ole Db Connection Dim ds As New Data Set Dim dt As New Data Table Dim da As New Ole Db Data Adapter Private Sub frm Database_Load(sender As Object, e As Event Args) Handles My Base. However, I'm trying to get the Data Grid View to update the Access database file with any changes that are made to it but after countless attempts at trying to fix my code or looking for an alternative solution, I am stumped.

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