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If the other couple orders a bunch of small sharing plates and you plan on partaking in them, you and your partner have to order small sharing plates too.You can’t have your own steak, and nibble on their tapas, too.

But most seasoned couples would admit that some unspoken rules are vital for getting past rough patches and growing stronger as a couple. You know how it is—your family can tick you off but no one else had dare speak ill of them.

Give your spouse space to make decisions and gain confidence through trial and error—and ask that he do the same for you, says Dr. "What matters in a relationship is not that things get done 'right,' but that two people are dedicated to contributing to each other's happiness." 4. Whether you fold all the laundry because you don't like how your husband does it or you manage the finances because you don't think he's as careful, you may feel more at ease doing all the work. "The spouse who does the rescuing can become tired of that role," says Dr.

Wish—and resentful that everything is on her shoulders, even if she volunteered for that burden. "People repeat ancient disagreements because they haven't resolved the problem," says Dr. Letting things fester often causes marriages to break down, she says.

Double dates can be the perfect way to have both date night and a social night at once.

Since you’re usually balancing life between your relationship and your friendships anyway, finding a couple you and your partner love to double date with can be a huge relief if you know how to act. Try to not let somebody “take one for the team” on this double date.

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