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Suddenly, to his horror, his cock began responding to the movement. He tried to think of other things, but the more he tried thinking of other things, the more he thought of his cock.Gradually, his dick became firmer and began to rise, until it was contained by the ass pressing down on it.Minutes later, they whipped into the drive at the farm, and Terri breathed a sigh of relief. "Why don't we go in and see where Dad wants this stuff put. I'll get things ready to carry in," he stammered She grinned and walked around the truck to join Jean on her way to the house.She had been dangerously close to starting something that could have ruined both their lives. "Rick," his mom said, "why don't you stay out here and, ah, maybe untie the covering, you know get things settled down." Her eyes flicked to his crotch and returned to his face. Within twenty minutes, the load was in the house, and they were ready to start home.

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Rick would have sworn the heat coming from her thighs and ass increased more and more. Within a short distance, Rick's cock achieved its original proportions and began rubbing her pussy.

This pressure only succeeded in causing it to become more rigid, until it was like a bar of steel.

He could feel the crack between his mother's legs, and finally, her pussy, as the rigid shaft forced itself against the spread cheeks of her ass.

She couldn't help but squeeze her ass cheeks together, to try to close her exposure, but it had the opposite affect, it reminded her that an eighteen year old cock was thrusting itself against the lips of her wet pussy.

Terri felt what she thought was an answering thrust from Rick's prick to her movement.

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