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No one is left unaffected by the various forms of peer pressure, according to a Building Blocks article “Peer Pressure.” Bowe said that she saw dating as a time to “test the waters and see what was out there,” a view that high school students seem to share.

Dating is “very important,” according to theology teacher Leslie Gjerstad.

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I was so emotionally involved that I even thought we were going to get married.” As an adult, she said she now sees that it was “silly.” “When you’re in high school, it’s difficult to distinguish between true, lasting love and emotions running high,” Bowe said.“Everyone in this world has the desire to love and be loved, and I think that dating can really enhance that or make it so that a person doesn’t want to have a relationship ever again, based upon their experience with dating,” Gjerstad added.“I think students are too eager to start dating, not necessarily sure if they truly like to be with that the person or not,” Coffey said.“Trends may change, but human nature nearly always stays the same.It is also a small group of students, so it can be more difficult when you start dating or break up with someone because everyone knows everybody’s business.” “The increase in technology has made dating a lot more complicated,” she added.

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