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I’m delighted when they get jobs, make great work, marry each other (that one Production 2 class was a hotbed of romantic glances, let me tell you! ” was when it was written in a high school yearbook.It’s okay if it’s just a platitude – that’s why platitudes work, because you can take them seriously or ignore them if you want to with no hard feelings.But I really would want to maintain some sort of contact even if I didn’t have grad school aspirations/need someone to say nice things about me.Dear Bachelor’s of Awkward: I really like this post from The Awl on how to get and keep a mentor. I teach college, and I definitely like to hear what former students are up to. ” as an ironclad contract, no more than “friends forever!

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Best wishes, _______.” A very occasional email is also great. While I do want to hear from former students, I’m not thinking about them all the time. Occasional = once or twice a YEAR, unless there is some specific thing they need or some conversation gets started that we’re both very involved in. You don’t have to share all your thoughts or chatter about your life or ask them lots of questions.Might the professor’s best friends on the faculty be more generous when grading their friend’s significant other if he or she is one of their students?Will the professor consciously or subconsciously be easier on the friends of his student lover if they are in his class?I moved to Japan for work about 6 months after I graduated, and I’ve been here ever since.Before I left, I visited my university and said goodbye to my friends and professors (and let them know about my moving/work plans).

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