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“Delivery From ABAP hints & Tips: IN in logical expressions and sql statements It is possible to use a selection table if together with the IN operator.

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You can then analyze the faulty transaction and correct the error using the tools provided in the batch input management facility.

tables: zsd00004l_custname like like zsd00004-zcustname. SELECT SINGLE zcustname into l_custname FROM zsd00004WHERE zcustno = ‘1551’. FROM from vbak as a inner join vbap as b ON b~vbeln = a~vbeln.

Selecting single fields This could improve effciency for database tables with many entries and many fields. One or more lines from vbap is selected for each line in vbak.

There is no restart capability for transactions that contain errors or produce update failures. *------------------------------------------------------------* * First screen of transaction * *------------------------------------------------------------* PERFORM BDC_DYNPRO USING 'SAPMS38M' '0100'.

You can handle incorrect transactions by using update mode S (synchronous updating) and checking the return code from CALL TRANSACTION USING. " End CALL_TRANSACTION *----------------------------------------------------------------* * * * Create batch input data for * * transaction SE38 * * * *----------------------------------------------------------------* FORM GEN_BDC_DATA. PERFORM BDC_FIELD USING 'RS38M-PROGRAMM' 'RJBDC999'.

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