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His breathing seemed to have stopped, and there was only the shadows of the spears in his eyes.Under that one shot, the immense Flood Dragon was forcibly suppressed.Liu Clan- the attentions of many were aimed in the same direction where the sound came from. Although the air exuding from his person was restrained, one could still feel his extraordinary temperament. Liu Yun intentionally provoked Liu Qing and started the fight, leading to the man who interfered. Because of your interference the loser injured the winner. You have no qualification to teach others.” Ye Futian’s voice was very calm, but there was a trace of coldness in that calm.It was said that Liu Yuan, the extended side of the Liu Clan, had found a teacher for his children. Ye Futian, Liu Yuan, and Liu Yu walked to Liu Qing’s side. He spoke words that seemed innocuous, as if to ask Liu Qing for advice, but just now he had stopped Liu Qing from hurting Liu Yun, restricting Liu Qing’s actions but doing nothing to stop Liu Yun’s counterattack, which injured Liu Qing. This was bluntly stating that Yan Lu was in the wrong, had no right to preach, and there was no further need to discuss right or wrong.

All eyes from the Liu Clan stared into the sky above.

“Liu Qing, I told you before that at this stage of cultivation you should focus more energy on comprehending the power of heaven and earth. When skills are cultivated to their extreme, they can be evolved into rules.

Watch carefully.” Ye Futian reached out and the Spiritual Qi immediately condensed into a long spear, held in his hand. Seeing Ye Futian’s movements, an incredibly large Flood Dragon appeared behind Yan Lu, because his Natal Spirit was also a Flood Dragon. A terrible rules power coursed, surrounding Yan Lu’s body.

One move and Brother Ye had defeated Yan Lu with one shot, like a god descending down to earth.

“Cultivate well and you could be like me in the future.” Ye Futian smiled. On the side, Liu Yuan looked at Ye Futian with gratitude.

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