However, I have received neither an email order confirmation, nor a tracking number (the number on the web invoice was an order number, not a tracking one).My question is, does Square Enix even send out order confirmation emails?

I just bought FF14 last night and I was able to install it.

;developer 0;alias triggergroup selectburst" alias "selectburst" "bind mouse1 burst;developer 1;echo .

;developer 0;alias triggergroup selectauto" alias "selectauto" "bind mouse1 attack;developer 1;echo .

Basicaly, what I don't want to happen is me waiting several weeks, only to have to guess the order wasn't processed and order it again, only to recieve a duplicate order.

I have gotten emails from Square-Enix in the past, so I know they have the right info. Jon same for me I got the FF14 and I got an email from visa saying my card was charges. I just Bought FFXIV( PC Download ) and all went through even took money from my Visa card.

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