Stax validating xml

Of the two APIs in St AX, this is the one that most programmers would use.

The cursor API iterates over a set of events, such as start elements, comments, and attributes, although the events may be unrealized.

of Java Community Process, provides an easy and intuitive means of parsing and generating XML documents.

It is similar to the SAX API, but enables a procedural, stream-based handling of XML documents rather than requiring you to write SAX event handlers, which can get complicated when you work with complex XML documents.

For details about using this API, see the St AX specification package examples.event; import

File Reader; import stream.*; import*; import *; import namespace.

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The example also shows how to use the interface does not validate your data, nor does it check that the document is well-formed; it is the programmer's responsibility to ensure that, for example, each start element has a corresponding end element, and so on. Note that it is in accordance with described above as it defines the ‘title’ element (see line 4 below) instead of ‘salary’ element.Then try to validate invalid (see line 46 below)and verify that the validation fails .And it does all of this efficiently, that is, fast.Beyond standard Stax and SAX configurability, Woodstox allows much wider variety of configuration.

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