Sqldataadapter not updating

i have two questions: 1) What am I missing that is causing the script not to work?2) With respect to a dataset how can I get at the value of a specific Row/Column? Ron Sql Connection cn Production SQL = new Sql Connection("Data Source=SQLSVR01; Integrated Security=SSPI; Initial Catalog=Master"); cn Production SQL.Thanks for any help you can offer, Ron "Peter Bromberg [C# MVP]" RSH, I haven't looked carefully at your code sample, but I'd be willing to bet that the reason you aren't getting any updates is because the Row States of the rows in the second Data Adapter's table don't reflect any changes.If you call the Get Changes method on the second Data Set, I bet you'll find you get an empty Data Table in it.Select Command) of the associated Td Data Adapter is not set or c) Connection property (Data Adatper. Connection) of the associated Select Command is not set.The Td Command Builder registers with the Td Data Adapter events.

Open(); String str Production SQL = "SELECT * FROM [Global].[dbo].[Companies] WHERE Company ID ='" str SQLDest Database "'"; Sql Data Adapter da Production = new Sql Data Adapter(str Production SQL, cn Production SQL); Data Set ds Production = new Data Set(); da Production. There was definitely a change, I entered Null values in two of the fields in the database where the second server had values.

Td Command Builder has a Data Adapter property and it must be initialized. NET Data Provider for Teradata will throw an exception when an application fails to initialize the required properties described above. Get Insert Command method will throw an "Invalid Operation Exception" when a) the Td Command Builder.

Data Adapter property is not set or b) Select Command (Data Adatper.

When set to false, the server will generate an identity value for the row.

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