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During the day, seniors will display the projects they have worked on during the past year, while freshmen and juniors will compete in robotic competitions.Some of the projects that will be on display include a solar-powered espresso machine, an ultralight backcountry ski, a lift for toilet seats that is powered by the water in the tank and a quadcopter that aquatic search and rescue teams could deploy as a flotation device for drowning victims.

Here are the things that you need to do to qualify as event organizers.• Come to our events and get to know the group.• Propose, organize and host a few events.

The trainings empower students to intervene and prevent potentially harmful situations, with an emphasis on stopping interpersonal violence, rape or sexual assault.

To register for our Bystander Intervention Certificate, visit Stressed students, faculty, and staff are invited to visit with registered therapy dogs during this fun and relaxing event.

The MUSE Project is hosting wide-ranging, casual conversation for students, University faculty, and staff over coffee, hot chocolate, donuts, muffins and more!

Friends, faculty and fellow students invited to attend.

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