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Members, suppliers, and friends of the industry all gathered for a packed schedule that contained a lot of work and a little bit of fun.The opening dinner took place on Monday evening at the famous Cooper’s Old Time Pit Bar-B-Que.James Vaughan was born in 1955 and grew-up in an idyllic Ohio small town.His father was head of research for a major corporation and his mother was an artist and poet.After one meeting concluded, groups were moved to the next appointment where they’d learn how to improve business and increase profitability.As highlighted in the August Pre-Midyear article, the companies who participated in this year’s Speed Dating included Gold Sponsors STABILA and Husqvarna Construction Products N. STABILA took the opportunity to speak during the Speed Dating breakfast, and Husqvarna spoke during the Speed Dating lunch.

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From his first project “Christian House of Prayer” with Drymalla Construction to the “Market Square Tower” – the largest & tallest burnished block project ever (42 Levels) with D. He has served on the Marketing Committee for the Texas Masonry Council and is a member of the MCAA’s South of 40 Committee on the national level. Bounds has served on the board for the Central Texas Masonry Council Association for the past 6 years, including as President from 2013-2015. “Joining the MCAA or your local chapter of the MCAA will pay off instantly as all their tools will be available to you.” One highlight of every Midyear meeting is the presentation of the MCAA Safety Advantage Awards, which are sponsored by Federated Insurance.They are designed to draw attention to the need and benefits of performing safely day-to-day.Awards were presented to the top companies with greater than 100,000 hours worked by all employees, and then the top companies with less than 100,000 hours worked by all employees.The MCAA held its first Midyear Meeting with Chairman Paul Odom in Austin, Texas to a record turnout of over 160 attendees.This year’s hotel was the Archer Hotel, situated in the Domain NORTHSIDE district.

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