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Other Sakas invaded the Parthian Empire, eventually settling in Sistan, while others may have migrated to the Dian Kingdom in Yunnan, China.

In the Tarim Basin and Taklamakan Desert region of Northwest China, they settled in Khotan, Yarkand, Kashgar and other places, which were at various times vassals to greater powers, such as Han China and Tang China.

I've tried not to seem to clingy, as I have heard this works for so many people, because everybody knows that if a man shows that slightest bit of too much interest in a woman, it's an instant turnoff. Unless you are already in a relationship, you can date several women at a time. But if she doesn’t answer your calls, and mistreats you, so do the same.

I would generally try to text my SO once or twice a day, but that doesn't seem to work for me as they get over me in usually few weeks. Don’t show that you want her more than she wants you.

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Their language formed part of the Scythian languages.

Prominent archaeological remains of the Sakas include the Pazyryk burials, the Issyk kurgan, artifacts of the Ordos culture and possibly Tillya Tepe.

In the past year or 2, I began to have almost no problem talking to women I like, which I'm sure has helped me a lot. She might call you back (some girls do), and if not, you can try calling again tomorrow. But the better option is really to have hobbies and interesting things to do. A great way to not be needy is just to have other women and other options in your life. If a woman tells you that she loves you, you can say that too.

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I know I'm young and got many years ahead of me but I just haven't seemed to figure out women yet.

For example, a relationship for me usually ends in 1-3 months or before I even asked them out because they decided to friend-zone me (this happens less often).

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