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Tonight OCSE is hosting its first ever Speed Advising event.It’s going to be set up like speed dating with students that have already studied abroad chatting with students who still haven’t decided where they want to go. The former star of "Jon & Kate Plus 8" and "Kate Plus 8" said she's spent a decade single. Couples played with their coffee cups, exchanging shy smiles.

NEW YORK (AP) — The internet is riddled with long-forgotten accounts on social media, dating apps and various shopping sites used once or twice. But is it even possible to delete your zombie online footprints — or worth your time to do so? (AP) — A 40-year-old Wyoming man has lost nearly 0,000 in an online dating scam.At least that's the takeaway from a new dating feature the social networking giant is launching because, well, why not?Finding true love isn’t always easy, but that’s no reason not to try.A new comedy at Ivoryton Playhouse, “Love Quest,” explores what happens when two women enter the perilous world of online dating.Written by Mary Maguire and Steven Mc Graw, “Love Quest” tells the humorous yet poignant tale of 60-year-old Kate Crawford, who finds herself divorced after 30 years of marriage, and Brook Davis, an ambitious, successful single gal who is 35 and never took the time to socialize.

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