Signs of neediness dating

They desperately seek relationships as a way of showing that they have value.

Someone else finds them desirable, therefore they clearly have worth.

We feel the loss of control so keenly that we do whatever it takes to try to resolve those fears.

And so needy, clingy behavior becomes the norm; it’s a way of retaking the power we don’t have.

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Other times, they rely too much on the validation of others.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not saying desiring a relationship with someone is in and of itself. That need for connections with others is built into our very nature.

However, there’s wanting to connect with someone and there’s becoming dependent on them. We want that connection so badly that the idea of missing out on it – or losing it – makes us anxious.

Once you understand that connection, needy behavior makes much more sense.

We fear a loss of control and so we try to control our partners.

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