Shane meaney and danielle murphree dating

Shane Meaney- He seems to be on the prowl looking for a showmance.

He reminds Rob of Big Jeff without the sense of humor.

Rob also thinks the people who say they hate Rachel Reilly are most like Rachel. Rob thinks she’ll be interesting to watch this season.

Rob thinks there are a lot of babes in the house but not a lot of eligible guys, except for Shane, so there’s not a lot of showmance potential this season. He does the playboy math, and figures she’s at least 34 rather than “29.” He thinks she might be desperate, which is good news for the viewers.

Sadly, this left her with no time to tend to her lady garden which quickly grew out of control into a large, ginger bush.

Obviously, the mere sight of the ginger bush was emotionally scarring to young Dani driving her to madness at a very young age.

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Since the feeds are down for the evicition and HOH tonight, I’ve taken the liberty of taking everything Danielle has shared about herself and creating her autobiography.Jenn Arroyo, Joe Arvin, Frank Eudy, Jodi Rollins, Willie Hantz, Wil Heuser, Ashley Iocco, Shane Meaney, Kara Monaco, Danielle Murphree, Jo Jo Spatafora, Ian Terry are the new cast of houseguests on Big Brother 14 The BB 14 cast was released today and Rob and Nicole are coming to you live to give their reactions and predictions.The show starts off with a celebrity caller: Russell Hantz.Rob thinks the mentors might get put into the game at some point and be eligible to win.Rob and Nicole give their thoughts on other cast members: Ashley Iocco- Nicole thinks she seems Zen. Rob was not impressed with the IQs of the female houseguests. Danielle Murphree- She wants to get rid of all the floaters, but she loves Jordan.

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