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Rule 11 permits the court to establish a factual basis “from anything that appears on the record.” United States v. Before pleading guilty, Thompson signed a document titled “Stipulation of Facts.” (R. Because modeling work was never in the cards, the “the offense was effected by means of ․ fraud.” 18 U. Thereafter, the court adopted the report's factual findings.

49.) The document states that Thompson “enticed” a minor “to enter into his vehicle in Madison, Illinois, with the promise of helping her attain modeling work.” (R. Accordingly, there is a sufficient basis for Thompson's convictions. Thompson contends that, during sentencing, the court committed numerous procedural errors, rendering his life sentence unreasonable.

The court found that Thompson's ap-parent cognitive difficulties did not prevent him from ob-taining a commercial driver's license, discerning right from wrong, or operating a successful (albeit sordid) business venture. Third, it was not error to find that Thompson threatened the victim with force.

And as for Thompson's childhood adversity—namely, his mother's drug abuse and father's incarceration—Thompson has not shown how he is different from so many other criminal defendants who have been punished for their crimes. Indeed, Thompson admitted as much by conceding the truth of the facts in his presentence report, which states that Thompson twice threatened the victim.

In any event, the court imposed a within-guidelines sentence, thereby neutralizing the risk of unwar-ranted sentencing disparities. Second, the court committed no error when it declined to credit Thompson's cognitive difficulties and childhood adversity as mitigating. Although the court could have credited Thompson's mitigating evidence, it did not have to do so.He drove the girl to Farmington, Missouri to pick up his wife.He and his wife then stole a camper, and the three embarked on a six-week odyssey of sexual exploitation in which he sold the girl's sexual services to at least fifteen men across three states.For instance, he hid the girl's face in the pictures he posted online so that no one would recognize her.And he told her to ask prospective customers if they were cops; to confirm that they were not cops, she would have them touch her vagina before she agreed to have sex with them.

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