Sedating a cat for grooming

Sometimes It is necessary to sedate your cat if they are very jumpy or if they just don’t take traveling very well.

Then there’s cats like mine that will give you every problem in the book.

You want to give the medication enough time to kick in before the stressful event you will be exposing your cat too.

If you are using a cat calming spray, simply spray an area. The key is to spray an item that your cat will be lying down next to.

Cat sedatives are used to help make your cat sleep or calm down.

This is highly effective in scenarios where your cat may be unable to relax or is stressed out.

One upside to oral medications is that they can be extremely effective at sedating your cat which can make for a very easy trip.

Make sure to use a cat carrier that is the perfect size for your cat.Always spray the area about 30 minutes in advance to make sure your cat isn’t over exposed to the spray.This means no worrying about whether or not your cat got a proper dose if he ends up throwing up if you were using an oral medication.Even if you plan on buying an over the counter medication, it is still smart to run it by your vet to make sure he approves of it.Choosing a poor quality product can be more harm then good as well as dangerous to your cat’s health.

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