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Han doesnt possess any special visual flair that many new directors do, but in using a quiet style, he refuses to judge his characters and still manages to keep the film from becoming emotionally distant.This is a brave decision for a first-time filmmaker, who could have done things the safe way, but succeeded mostly by taking the other road instead.statistics on healthy relationships dating for men.daring women korean drama local teen dating sites ...Welcome to our reviews of the Benghazi Movie Trailer (also known as teenage dating violence awareness month).

Rules of Dating (2005) AKA : 연애의 목적 Director: Han Jae-rim Cast : Kang Hye-jeong, Greena Park, Seo Young-hwa Country: Korea Language: Korean Subtitles : English Plot Lee Yoo-rim is a high school English teacher. She’s cynical and always plays hard-to-get when a man shows interest in her. Rules Of Dating is sometimes an uncomfortable film to watch and the destination is not always satisfying, but it certainly is a lot more entertaining and unpredictable than other Korean romantic comedies.In addition, much credit should be given to first-time director Han, who employs a handheld style that can be off-putting, but effectively places the audience in the perspective of voyeurs.When the two first meet, Yu Lim initiates a frank sexual conversation.Yu Lim is Choi Hung's junior by one year, and takes a liking to her immediately, despite being attached to a longtime girlfriend (who at one point he claims is more like a sister).

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