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Updating and binding control to other controls within the same row of a Grid View Hi In the Edit Template of my Grid View I show 2 Drop Down Lists. Right now I everything working fine except when the grid get over 20 items in it the process slows down horribly.

I want to update the modified rows to the Database. Thanks Ashok Hi Ashok, the Grid View control has its own mechanism for updating and deleting rows.

Then, when all the inserting is complete, the user clicks a submit button to insert all the rows from the gridview into a database table. Referencing gridview fields in Row Updating event I have the following code in place.

w=150 150w, w=300 300w" sizes="(max-width: 416px) 100vw, 416px" /Event.

If we move our mouse on to the variables, which hold the cell values, we can see the old value instead of new updated value (Refer the debugging Screen Shot at the Top).

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