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In 1968, when Alcala took Tali Shapiro to his apartment and beat her nearly to death, police in pursuit made the choice to save the girl instead of running after Alcala, and he made a lucky break for it.

With a warrant out for his arrest, he fled to the east coast and assumed a fake name.

The discovery of Samsoe’s earrings in the locker, along with jewelry belonging to other missing women, led to Alcala’s arrest.

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Since then,he has also been convicted of two murders in New York — one committed while he was there with his probation officer’s permission.

Retried and reconvicted in 1986, his case was again thrown out by an appeals court in 2001 on a legal technicality.

As prosecutors prepared to retry the case a third time, they tested Alcala’s DNA against unsolved crimes and found four matches.

In addition to the seven murders for which he has been convicted, he is suspected of many more.

He remains a “person of interest” in a number of murder cases in California and Washington.

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