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Therefore I would not be overly concerned about pictures on my laptop, flash-drives or external disc drives unless I was actually bringing in real porn!(In which case compressed files hidden in unusual directories would prevent a simple inspection finding them!Thank you everyone who listened and got involved from the pilots to the truckers and the cow inseminators (yes, it happened) @Adele Roberts back in her usual slot Monday morn.One of the most frequently asked questions i get on my webpages about Saudi Arabia is about Pornography in Saudi Arabia; many people are afraid about what constitutes porn in Saudi and how deep a search will be made of items such as laptops, flash drives and even mobile phones.

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You will also find it difficult to use proxy servers and the like to fool the system into thinking you are not in KSA, it is best to have them set up for your laptop before you get into the kingdom if you want to use them.

Along with porn in KSA you will find many other sites are impossible to access such as dating sites and even some social networks and news sites.

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