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Over 90% of the occupants of the Czech Republic are nationals, with a small mixture of Moravian and Slovak occupants as well.

Women in Georgia live in a society which has been changing over the centuries, where, after decades of Soviet regime, from the 1990s onwards, the culture has seen rapid social changes and new emerging values, but has also been affected by economic instability.Single Women are searching for single women in Republic of Georgia(Europe) and now you can do it with Do ULike, an awesome online dating personal service.Join us and see lots of interesting people located in Republic of Georgia(Europe) and find the person for you with Do ULike!As with other countries of the former communist block, the transition from a planned economy to a market economy was hard, and unemployment, economic destabilization, and conflicts have harmed the population, especially in the 1990s.In terms of population, more than 8 out of 10 inhabitants are ethnic Georgians, but there are also minorities such as Azeri, Armenians, Russians, and others. The total fertility rate (TFR) of 1.76 children born/woman (est. The maternal mortality rate is 36 deaths/100,000 live births (est. The Constitution of Georgia states at Article 14 that:"Everyone is free by birth and is equal before law regardless of race, colour, language, religion, political and other opinions, national, ethnic and social belonging, origin, property and title, place of residence." Women can have the role of both as "breadwinner and housewife". There is no "explicit division of labor" according to gender, except in so-called "areas of physical labor" (an example is in the field of mining).

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