Rejection in dating

Being fearful however, that someone isn’t going to find you attractive, successful or interesting enough, is a real hindrance in the dating world.

It can slow down your progress in love and cause you to miss amazing opportunities that you’re too blinkered to notice. Rejection is merely a person making a choice about their life that doesn’t include you.

The good news is that nothing can sort between rejection and feedback faster than a mind which is confident and comfortable.

So, if you’re turned down for dates because people think you’re too needy, or that your fashion sense is too much to deal with, use this as valuable feedback and up the ante.

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Perhaps you’ll decide instead that you do need to change and will spend time focused on this.

The most important thing is to not dwell on the rejection itself and see if it can be used in a positive light. Usually a person’s fear of rejection is a tell-tale sign of where they’re least confident in their lives.

For example, if a person fears being rejected because of their income or looks, they may themselves believe that they should be earning more or be better looking to be worth someone else’s time.

Allow people the same courtesy and space when they are evaluating your place in their own life.

Confusing rejection with feedback For those of you that are ultra sensitive, any sort opinion or action that doesn’t immediately appear positive or is even too neutral can be cause for concern and self-doubt.

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