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in the past those internals were mostly stable so upgrading wasn't too bad.recently, oracle has shown a great enthusiasm for intentionally breaking those internals (and they have an incentive to do so as it forces companies to purchase support from them)so in the near future this could get much uglier Apart from what others have mentioned, you can have entirely silly things break, like code that tries to parse the Java specification version string and expects it to be of the form 1. Java 1.4 added a sanity check in the date parsing logic of I got onto Java 7 about a year after it was released. I recently got onto Java 10 (because it was the latest available). I will move to Java 11 soon, and then probably stay on it for a while.My reason: because that was a much more painful update. Where to be prebuilt Java:https://github.com/Adopt Open JDKhttps://github.com/ojdkbuild/ojdkbuild Machinehttps://bell-sw.com/I work in a big company in the finance sector and we maintain a company internal application.In 0.1.7 we've automated automatically turning off external build since that's a working workaround, and by doing it automatically users who aren't reading this issue report or the Google community posts with the workaround will get the fix.

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Java 1.4 also overhauled the focus subsystem in AWT/Swing, which caused some code in my company (which may or may not have depended on unspecified behaviour) to get into an endless loop.Upgrading JDKs is significantly less onerous than with many other languages.I upgraded a very large commercial software product from 7 to 8.But if you use other libraries from 3rd parties that don't even support you anymore then you are kind of stuck with fixing and patching software you don't even fully understand. The bigger the company the more work you generally have with such changes.We actually just rolled out our JDK8 version for the first time and there are already issues you write "vanilla" java using only the official api, then upgrading should be easybut most apps in the java ecosystem depend on libraries that access jdk internals, eg with ASM, unsafe, reflection, or javaagents.

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