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So, in short, they are always displayed in the order they were originally installed on your GPS and will be alphabetical in folder first, then file order within each GPI file. Uncheck the box next to Delete the saved backups 5. To view the amount of available free space your device, follow these steps below.

I also update multiple GPSs regularly and have done it with individual files since each person wants some different and some of the same files. Note that some devices are not mass storage mode devices and will not support the steps outlined in this article. Connect the GPS to your computer with a USB cable 2. A Removable Disk Drive will appear titled Garmin or nuvi, depending on the model 3. Note: some devices require you to open the drive, right-click on the Internal Storage folder, then select Properties 4.

my testing indicates that - with the correct version of - most all wav files work fine.

Many people like to have their Custom POIs divided into "Categories" to make it easier to locate a particular POI.

Dll in Basecamp Cannot see Additional Maps I have installed Charging Problems My Unit will not speak street names I cannot download newest gmap3file There are several reasons why voice/sound alerts will not work and you get only a "Ding" when you expect a sound file to play. Sound file (.mp3/.wav) is not named the same as the POI file (.csv/.gpx) The character string to the left of the extension must be the same for the POI file, the sound file and the Icon (.bmp) file, if used. So, when you follow the instructions to name your sound file the same as your POI file to the left of the extensions, what you think is is really csv wav and "mylocations.csv" is not the same as "mylocations.wav" The solution is to follow the instructions in 3.

Unit will not accept .mp3 files The early GPS units had .mp3 players built in. You can do this by using Media IO (to convert one format to another, say .mp3 to .wav) 3C.

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Click the update you want, enter your payment information and ensure your device is connected to your computer so it can be installed.

No matter if you do it with individual files for each POI or individual setup folders for each person, its still a lot of of work to keep track of everyone's files. Select either the Left or Right radio button in the section titled "Position on screen:" If the screen resolution is at or above 1440 x 900 and the Dock has been moved to either the Left or the Right, the Garmin Express window should fit in the available area. Delete the folder named Garmin_Ltd._or_its_subsid 4. Try launching Garmin Express again According to the Garmin Forums at, the solution is to: 1. A properties window will appear and it will display Free Space - which is the amount of memory left on the device to load additional information. Connect the GPS to your computer with a USB cable 2. Your device will be mounted on the Desktop and appear as a new drive 3.

Some like alerts, others don't, the variables go on. If prompted, skip any files that can't be deleted 8. However, if the necessary resolution is not available and moving the Dock does not make the entire window visible, a different computer must be used. Highlight the Garmin or nuvi drive on your Desktop Hold down the CONTROL key on your keyboard and click once 4. Look under the GENERAL section for the Capacity and Available for the size information If you need more space than what is available, an SD (Secure Digital) card may be purchased to extend the memory, but note that SD cards are not compatible with all devices.

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