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""These basic assumptions must be tested and assessed in each study that is undertaken.

This is usually best done by measuring a suite of rocks or minerals from the area under study.

:: Oh, and yeah, unless a particular religious objection to radiometric dating techniques is notable, ::there is no reason to include it in an article.

This same discussion has gone on ad nauseum ::over at Radiocarbon dating.100 000a) might be wrong.

Although changes in the electron capture partial decay constant for 40K possibly may occur at high pressures, theoretical calculations by Bukowinski (1979) indicate that for pressures experienced within a body of the size of the Earth the effects are negligibly small."2. As 40K is rarely determined directly when ages are measured, this is an important underlying assumption.

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If you would like to participate, you can choose to edit this article, or visit the project page for more information.In order to do Potassium/Argon dating there are some assumptions that must be accepted as true.The following list of assumptions comes from Mc Dougall I. M."As with all isotopic dating methods, there are a number of assumptions that must be fulfilled for a K-Ar age to relate to events in the geological history of the region being studied.Every radiometric dating technique relies upon similar ::assumptions--the point is that they're justified assumptions.A few seconds of googling will ::show you various sites that confirm that decay rates are constant and remain so. Finally, can we please stop using the "you weren't there! I wasn't there for your ::mother's birth, either, but I can infer that she was indeed born from the fact of your existence.

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