Pigeon john is dating your sister lyrics

The Los Angeles rapper-singer-producer says that the album is a continuation of his evolution as a musician.“I’m still trying to find my voice,” Pigeon John says in a press release.Now don't get it twisted and expect that philosopher-turned-rapper type lyrics. This is like when your corny, geeky and kinda weird co-worker says something corny, geeky and kinda weird that actually makes sense.This album is a bit more serious than we are used to though.Here he talks about life and how he wants to turn this world around 180 degrees.And the slow and guitar based Mils beat has that PJ flavor we would expect. "Nothing Without You" is a love song to his wife and the music he makes.And while doing so he says: "I don't care if the hip hop heads turn away and say Pigeon John has turned gay".

And if you cant do that either, don't do the remix at all. First is "Rainy Day" that features a verse from Red Cloud. The two emcees break down the trouble they went through growing up over a simple and melancholic MR J beat that has a voice sample for a hook.

"Draw Me" is also good and has the same sadness to it.

All in all we get that distinctive Pigeon John-ishness: the way of talking about big issues like love, death and the meaning of life in a geeky but rather charming way.

The self produced track uses an acoustic guitar to create a nice setting for a more serious Pigeon John to express his feelings.

And putting the comedian aside for a minute - to take on a more serious approach - suits him well.

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